Care Package Ideas for Elderly Loved Ones

The holidays are the season of giving. Giving gifts to some of your loved ones may not come easily, especially if they’re elderly and living in assisted living or a retirement home. Restrictions due to weather, finances, travel time, kids – whatever the reason may be – sometimes an in-person visit is out of the question. So, what to do when you want to make sure your loved ones feel included in holiday celebrations? Give a care package or gift box!

Gathering a few small, meaningful gifts catered to your loved one will be a welcome surprise when they recieve it in the mail. Here are some starter ideas for things to include! And, remember, care packages are easily customizable based on your family member’s likes, wants, and needs.

Warm & cozy things–
Think fuzzy socks, a soft, warm throw or blanket, or even a handmade pair of knitted mittens. Other possibilities include: teas or coffee blends, mugs or thermoses, scent-warmers, or even hand-lotions. Not only are these gifts comfy and great for relaxing, but they’re practical, too. Many elderly people become cold more easily due to a decrease in circulation. Warm wardrobe staples will keep them comfortable indoors and out. And, nothing says “relaxation” like a warm cup of tea by a fireplace with a soft blanket!

A scrapbook or handmade cards–
This is a great idea to get the whole family in on! Assembling a scrapbook or photo album of memories adds a special, personalized touch to a gift box. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren can even help decorate scrapbook pages or draw pictures to be included.

Things to do–
Books are an obvious choice, so consider sending a few that your loved one will enjoy digging into. Or, other reading materials like magazines and newspapers are great additions to keep your loved one busy. Other small to-do’s that are good ideas include: 1-2 player games, card games, puzzle and brain-teaser books, even coloring books and art supplies.

Homemade treats or snacks–
Maybe your loved one lives in assisted living far from their home, or place where they grew up? Consider sending a few local favorites along with your care package. Treats from the local bakery, homemade goodies, or childhood favorite snacks can brighten anyone’s day. Even things like a fresh fruit basket can make a world of a difference for someone living alone in elderly care, who may not have the ability or access to fresh produce all the time.

Even still, these are just a few ideas. You can be as creative as you’d like. It truly is the thought that counts. It is a care package after all, so choose gifts, trinkets and reminders that will make your loved one feel extra, well, loved!