How the Internet Can Enhance Your Life As A Senior

As an older adult, you may have already noticed that your children and grandchildren are using technology that you could have only dreamed of at their age. And it’s not just them. Seniors across the country are adapting to an ever-connected world, and they are finding that the internet and all of its innovations have a lot of perks. The most prominent is that it allows you to easily stay in touch with those you love.


Connecting and socializing


Of all the tech tools that cropped up in the last couple of decades, social media is perhaps the most impactful advancement for seniors. Not only do sites like Facebook and Instagram offer you a quick snapshot into the lives of those you love, they are also excellent platforms for communicating with your friends and family.


AARP Foundation President Lisa Marsh Ryerson believes that social media is an excellent opportunity to bring seniors together, and she cites that around 40% of those in the 65 and older age group experience loneliness. Social media, and the devices that allow us to use it, bring these seniors together.


Unfortunately, unless you live in a well-thought-out community, social media may be difficult to access. Many outlying areas tend to have poor, if any, hi-speed internet availability. In rural areas, especially, reliable internet often must come from 4G services to allow residents the speed they need to download photos, instant message, and video chat.


Devices for seniors


While you do not necessarily require specialized equipment, there are many companies that have made computers, phones, tablets, and other devices that cater specifically to a more mature audience. recommends the GrandPad, which is an android-based device. The company that makes them notes that they are designed with apps seniors want, such as those that allow for emails, videos, photos, and music. This is an excellent option if you’ve never used a computer and aren’t exactly tech-savvy.


A tablet or computer can help you email and look at photos, but another great device to have is a fitness tracker. These watches will encourage you to be active, and they will also allow you to set up competitions with your family. These friendly contests serve as a reminder to keep moving, and they let your loved ones know that you’re being physically active.


If you take multiple medications, a piece of smart technology that you don’t want to be without is an automatic pill reminder. These pharmaceutical dispensers are filled with your daily medications, often for a week at a time, and remind you when it’s time to take your medicine. You or your loved ones can set things up, and you’ll never have to wonder if you took your daily medication.


Technology also means that we can communicate with our friends and family in different ways. Online gaming, for example, gives you an opportunity to play video games with your grandchildren, which is particularly entertaining when you’re socially distancing and can’t physically be with them all the time.


More than just fun, CBS News reports that video games bring feelings of nostalgia, which is great for helping keep your memory sharp and your mind clear. By becoming a gamer, you’ll learn to speak your grandchildren’s language as well, so you get to interact with them on their level.


Technology can be intimidating, there’s no doubt about that. However, the deeper into the digital age we get, the more innovations will arise that make living your best life even easier. From video games to fitness trackers, technology can keep everyone connected like never before. But remember, you need a great internet connection, a device, and a willingness to learn what all the World Wide Web has to offer.