Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Considering a move for yourself, a parent, or a close loved one? Before you get overwhelmed by the process, take time to understand one of the main considerations: independent living vs. assisted living. What’s the actual difference?

The main differences to consider revolve around the type of living space, care services provided, and payment options.

Independent living has options including condominiums, apartment-style housing, and villa homes. Assisted living is typically limited to apartment-style housing options. Apartment-style housing is ideal for assisted living primarily for care purposes, as well as the options to tailor the apartments to the specific needs of the residents. For example, some residents may not have access to full kitchens due to safety concerns.

Independent living communities typically offer their residents assistance with maintenance and lawn care, but do not have full-time staff dedicated to medical or nursing care. Meal assistance for independent living varies by location. For 24-hour on-call assistance, assisted living is the way to go. In an assisted living community, the residents need more assistance with activities such as bathing, doing laundry, and keeping track of prescription medications. Both communities enjoy the benefits of activities, celebrations, classes, etc. offered by the community.

Costs can vary between independent and assisted living, depending on the additional services that a resident requires. For information regarding finances, Contact Us.

Every resident is important to us. And, each resident has different needs. Please contact our team at CrownPointe Communities so that we can work to find the best fit for you or your loved one.

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