Female Resident on Bench outside of Anderson Campus

Is assisted living right for you?

When unexpected medical conditions arise, the plan you had for retirement isn’t necessarily the best plan anymore. The important thing is knowing when you can make it on your own and when it’s time for a little help. Below are three things to consider:

Reduce the stress of everyday life

Assisted living relieves many of the everyday stresses that seniors face. Whether it’s laundry and housekeeping or outdoor maintenance, these tasks can become daunting day after day. In an assisted living community, these tasks are taken care of by the staff, leaving the residents with less worry and anxiety over getting these chores completed.

Live comfortably

Assisted living apartments range in size from studio to one bedroom and two bedroom options. These apartments allow plenty of space while being reasonable to manage. They can be decorated and furnished as the resident chooses, allowing this to truly feel like home. A major advantage is that residents are never far from qualified medical assistance as well as assistance with bathing and grooming if the need arises.

Enjoy a newfound social life

Activities for the body, mind, and spirit are offered at assisted living facilities such as CrownPointe Communities. From bingo, to crafts, to exercises, and bible studies, residents have the opportunity to engage with friends on a daily basis.

Assisted living is a great way to have a relaxing, worry-free retirement. To explore options, contact us today. Speak with a member of our CrownPointe Communities team to find a location to fulfill your needs. Call us at (765)759-0230, or contact us for more information.