Signs It’s Time To Move Closer to an Elderly Loved One

As individuals age, it is not uncommon for them to move closer to where their children live. However, a new trend has developed in recent years that involves adult children relocating to be closer to their elderly parents. The Hartford notes that this is referred to as “reverse migration.”


Though reverse migration is growing in popularity for several reasons, the trigger is almost always the same: The elderly parent needs extra care and attention. If you think your mom or dad is getting to that point, read on for signs that it’s time to make the move. Below, CrownPointe Communities shares some advice for how to help your parents from afar, and what you need to do to make your eventual transition as smooth as possible.


Top Signs You Need to Be Near Your Elderly Parent


For many people, the biggest sign that it’s time to move closer to elderly parents is when they begin to feel as if they are running out of time. However, others need more practical reasons to uproot their lives. If you’re one of the latter, look for these top signs that your elderly parent needs more care and attention:


  • Your loved one keeps missing doctor’s appointments
  • The house is a mess and in disrepair, and your parent isn’t taking steps to remedy the situation
  • You’re getting calls from collectors regarding missed or late payments
  • Whenever you visit, you notice that the food is always spoiled or that the fridge is empty
  • Your parent is routinely ungroomed, demonstrates a decline in dexterity and appears confused and organized more often than not
  • There is a noticeable change in your loved one’s mood and energy levels, and you suspect he or she may be lonely or depressed


A Place for Mom details 18 key signs that you need to relocate to be near your parents.


How to Help From Near and Afar


There are ways you can help an elderly parent in the meantime before your move. Whether near or far, you can order your parents’ groceries through an online grocery service, such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh or Walmart Plus. You can also arrange for in-home care; take over bill pay; and ask friends, other family members and neighbors to check in on your parent a couple of times a week.


Another thing you can do is hire professionals to help maintain your loved one’s home. For instance, if you noticed a draft last time you visited, get a few different quotes from window repair professionals. You can narrow down your options by searching for companies online, reading online reviews, meeting with them via Skype or Zoom, asking for referrals, and requesting license and insurance information. You should also educate yourself on average costs of labor and materials to ensure you have enough cash to cover the cost.


Preparing for Your Move


If your intended move is long distance, you do not want to approach it unprepared. Though how far in advance you should start planning depends on several factors, Moving. Tips recommends preparing at least one year in advance. Some things it recommends doing include saving up money, getting preapproved for a mortgage if you’re buying a new home, researching the job market (if you’re not yet retired), finding a new home and organizing all your important documents.


If you’re planning to rent first, there are many available units in the Indianapolis area, which is only about 55 miles away. You can also look into smaller cities just outside of Indy, like Carmel or Muncie, which are a bit closer. For example, currently lists nearly 380 apartments for rent in Carmel. Visit the site to filter through homes by price, number of bedrooms, and necessary amenities, and reach out to potential landlords.


Moving long distance to be closer to an elderly loved one may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Know when it’s time to make the transition and how to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.


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