Six ways to help your loved one transition

If you find yourself helping Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else you love through the process of choosing a senior living community, we have some tips for you. We want to ensure your loved one transitions smoothly into assisted living. Our CrownPointe Communities team is trained and ready to help your loved one make the move, but here are six ways you can get involved and help your loved one feel comfortable.

1. Get your loved one involved – If he or she is able, let your loved one have input when making decisions. It will help her feel more in control and more independent. Plus, he or she may have some housing specifications that you didn’t know about.

2. Take a tour – Make sure you visit the facility and take a tour to acclimate your loved one to their new surroundings. Meet the staff, ask plenty of questions, and stay for a meal. You can even visit more than once!

3. Emphasize the amenities – Each of our nine assisted living communities feature unique facilities nearby, such as churches, hospitals, medical complexes, and YMCAs right on site — not to mention the amenities we have inside each of our facilities. In addition, our team makes sure that tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, and outdoor maintenance are taken care of so residents can get back to socializing and other activities.

4. Personalize it – When your loved one leaves home to move to an assisted living facility, make sure their new space is just as homey as before. Bring furniture, knick knacks, pictures, and anything else that helps them make the space their own. If they are downsizing, take the time to reminisce while packing up items. Help them close that chapter of life as they enter another.

5. Stay connected – Regular communication with your loved one is a must. Visits and phone calls will help them process their transition and still feel connected to you and the people they love.

6. Encourage them to participate in activities – CrownPointe Communities offers a wide variety of weekly activities for residents. We help your loved ones feel their best physically, mentally and spiritually. We offer exercise classes, arts and crafts, games, movies, Bible studies, and much more. There is truly something for everyone. These activities are also a great way to socialize and become friends with other residents and our staff.

When your loved one is ready for assisted living, CrownPointe Communities is here to assist you with the transition. To find out more about our various locations and offerings, view our facilities on our website and then set up a visit. Contact us via website, email, or give us a call.