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Things to consider when touring a Senior Living Community

Quality of Life

From the cleanliness of the rooms to the landscaping and walking paths outdoors, be sure to take in your surroundings. Go over an activity calendar with your loved one to assure that activities of interest are being offered, and try sitting in on an activity to see the level of participation and engagement. This is also the perfect opportunity to talk with residents and get a feel for the resident life.

Level of Care

Everyone has different needs and varying levels of required assistance. Be prepared to communicate the needs of your loved one and ask questions regarding how these needs will be met. Consider taking note of areas of assistance such as: medication, bathing, dressing, and mobility.

Move-Out Policies

Every community has a move-out policy. Clarify what each facility requires. Here are some questions to consider, courtesy of

Do they require a 30-day notice?

Do they offer living options with graduated levels of care?

Will your loved one need to move should needs change?

What does the community look for to determine whether they can still care for residents?

Dining Options

When touring the facility – sit down with your loved one and enjoy the meal. Ask questions regarding accommodations regarding dietary restrictions, menu alternatives and day-to-day options and variations. Take in the atmosphere of the dining area, and the quality of the food and service. The goal is to make sure this is somewhere your loved one would enjoy eating.

Personality of Staff

Observe how the care staff and residents interact. Kind and caring staff can greatly elevate the quality of life within the facility. Residents are often very enthusiastic about the caregivers they appreciate – so if you feel comfortable, chat with some of the residents to get their take on the quality of staff.


Making sure you know what is included is crucial to developing – and sticking to – a budget. Some communities require large down payments, while others work on a month-to-month lease basis. Ask about additional charges for extra amenities including but not limited to, housekeeping, linen service, hair salon and barber shop, etc.

Tip: Your tour guide encourages questions, so don’t be shy. If you have questions about certain offerings, or concerns about something you see – ask away!

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